Our Story

christina brownlee

Brownlee is a brand built on the essence of quality and function.

I have developed a collection of clothing that embodies that simplicity, quality, and beauty of clothing from times-passed, while re-interpreting them to meet the needs of the modern day man. Retro style meets luxury execution in this re-imagined resort wear collection.

Growing up in Southhampton, NY with my enormous family, most of whom are men, one thing was clear: there hasn't been much of an evolution in men's wear. Perhaps new things didn't need to be made, but better things.

I found solace in design and a place for eccentric, unique textiles in and on my product. These were themes which I had pulled from my head and history books.

The original Brownlee product is our swimsuit, engineered to be the best in: comfort, function and style.

My grandfather, Brownlee, loves the water and spent his life with my family traveling to the warmest places. He managed to document all of their journeys and I have had the privilege of thumbing through them as I've grown older. Following this story and growing up with this man have inspired me beyond words and my product is an homage to that.